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10 Responses to “I GOT A DOG!!!!”

  1. Katelyn Marie says:

    Get a boxer! Very lovable, medium sized, but completely powerful. Very protective of their owners but do well with families ect. They definitely protect their own and theyre very attentive doggos. Highly reccommend getting one. Ive had two boxers alexa and alex and they have been such a blessing to our family!

  2. Silje Kvamme says:


  3. Joseph Briffa says:

    siberian husky

  4. TakitWinner says:

    Alaskan malamute

  5. jsomiller44 says:

    I have found that it is best to pick out what activities you want to do with the dog and base your choice around that. Talk with other owners of the breed not the breeders. Some breeders will sell you a bill of goods. Doberman Pinscher are great with family and other pets. Do not get a husky they are really stubborn and won’t do what you want when you want to do it. They also don’t do well in the heat and can’t be active in the hot sun. German Shepards are great dogs and so are most labs. Also don’t get a basenji. I had one as a kid and it killed our rabbit, killed my cat and bit my friend and chased him down the street.

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