I called up WalMart about my recent addiction to the Nintendo Switch, the associates were clearly very interested in helping me with my problem.

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9 Responses to “Asian Nintendo Switch Addiction Prank”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    whatup notification squad! appreciate you guys hitting the little bell and turning on those subscription alerts. Make sure you click it to make sure you never miss a video! What was your fav part in this call?

    • Crystallicious Delicious says:

      I fucking love you ownage. Been following you since the day 1. When you use to go live and prank people while we gave you ideas in the chat room. I forgot what that websites called but yeah, good times haha 🙂

    • rick taylor says:

      ATTN: OWNAGE….More weak trash. More Tyrone. More safe, unoriginal
      concept calls. More elitist, liberal attitude. I consider you the Carrot
      Top of prank calls, minus the grittiness and street cred. I wish I had
      the time and the means to hip these followers to the fact that you are
      lame. I fear they are just ignorant to the pranking game, ignorant to
      the calls of real legends, ignorant to the calls of people that may not
      be legends-but made some legendary calls. I think that you had a decent
      body of work for a Valley audience for a short amount of time, that’s
      IT. The praise you get-offends me. The fact that you are proud of these
      calls-offends me. What is your history? Answer me, are you proud of a
      stereotypical hillbilly voice that says “doodley-doo”? Yeah….uh, this
      Tyrone, and then..cue the horse-shit. Pal, what’s your story?Did you
      ever give a shit about the art of pranking? Inducing rage in the person
      on the other end of that phone, I don’t mean destructive, borderline
      violent calls, like Dex. I mean solid fucking pranks. You upload 1 a
      week, that means that come Sunday you have chosen what you consider your
      BEST piece, that is what makes your shit a joke. Do you know when you
      can settle for weak shit? I’ll tell you-when you make 50-100 calls a
      day, you are going to have some crap, you are going to have 95% crap,
      but god damn it, my finish product, my offering wouldn’t be this
      drek…..you skate by, I wouldn’t mind but you are honored and you make
      $$$$$ being mediocre. I am poor, I am making zero money, I would rather
      be broke than fleece the sheep and smother them in mediocrity. Keep up
      the good work here, here’s “TYRELL”: Keep up the good work yo homeslice,
      yeah for my homegirl dawwg. (imagine deep Afrocentric voice) Creative
      huh? Right.

    • Darian Tolliver says:

      Your walmart videos are Awsome

    • Trevor Ambrose says:

      God I’ve haven’t been watching you for a while man I’m studying for the asvab test to join the Navy and haven’t been able to watch you keep it up

  2. Allison Burwell says:


  3. amaterasu48 says:

    Where is “Lika someboooooooodie!”?

  4. Lionheart1800 says:

    ownage stop dropping jokes when they laugh.. keep the situation realistic.

  5. Trevor Storm says:

    This was great!!! ???????????

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