What would you do if a total stranger puked in your brand new convertible?

Our prank victims FREAKED OUT, and they did not even own the vehicule!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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5 Responses to “VOMITING In Convertible Car”

  1. wen li ritchie lee says:

    how about kid highjacked police car and drive away?

  2. Nimesh salgia says:

    @2:26 feeling bad for this guy???

  3. Vibashi Liyanage says:

    it is so ugly. ………..??????????

  4. Daniel Manahan says:

    Who the fuck is this stupid they don’t know a 555 number is a fake number used in media as a fake number

    Everyone knows this

  5. Maebelle Abrazaldo says:

    Guys can you do the shaving cream ice cream

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