You thought Spider-Man was the 1 and only spider with powers… Turns out Just Kidding Pranks has its own potions to transform any bug into giant, human-sized creatures!!!

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6 Responses to “Giant SPIDER Attacks Girl !!!”

  1. Sang'gre Amihan Tutorials and More says:

    I know I will not get at least 1 like!
    BTW I’m early! lol??

  2. Petualang Survival_Creative Machinima 1605 says:


  3. Lana K Loud says:

    I MEAN you can clearly see a hand under a big spider and people don’t
    notice that…. That is why I think these are fake

  4. 100th view


  5. 0:40 That’s different. I haven’t seen a man get pranked in a while. :)

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