An awkward prank video with my good friend Tommy Wooldridge! BLINK 182 PICK UP LINES: For more funny prank videos, check out …

10 Responses to “Public Prank – Almost Talking To People ft. Tommy Wooldridge”

  1. Voldemort's Nipple says:

    andrew hales does it better though

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    0:50 The 2 girls are walking the same way… 0.o

  3. CataclysmicPranksTV says:

    very subtle reactions

  4. Wooden Mirror Pictures says:

    reminds me of andrew hales/lahwf… haha this is great

  5. Lyka Lyks says:

    Almost liked the video….

  6. PublicPrank says:

    If you guys like awkward videos, you’re gonna love this one! We had a lot
    of fun filming this, check it out! 

  7. Jordon K says:

    Danzel Washington doppelganger at 0:33 

  8. YaDaOneSoIMakeSureIBehave says:

    Lmfao this video is Gold! 

  9. Hermes sovereign says:

    why all the dislikes? this shit was funny and original

  10. Datbol Uaintfuxwit says:

    videos are just getting worse and worse. it’s like your channel caught the
    Bubonic plague 

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