public scare garbage prank is really awesome. Watch this crazy man scare the hell out of people by hiding in garbage. This funny man wants to scare all kinds…

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  1. haha… thats a funny one. Check it out!!

  2. LaughINhalf says:

    GREAT PRANK! I also make PRANK VIDEOS! Check em out!

  3. PrankAttacks says:

    Nice prank!!!!

  4. Areli Abrahem says:

    i obviously click this because of the thumbnail….heheheheh

  5. WorldsFunniestGags says:

    Hello guys, ready for another prank???? check out this amazing scare prank
    and comment your thoughts below!

  6. Lenny Fowler says:

    Public Scare Garbage Prank

  7. Asoj Cherukat says:

    That kid at the end just escaped !!!..

  8. Ooops - Funny Home Videos says:

    liked it!!!! Super :)

  9. hollywoodbackstage says:

    Thats damn funny!!!!!!!

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