People are asked to pour a glass of juice for the girl, but the juice starts spewing out of th…

10 Responses to “Juice Fountain Prank”

  1. Hisham Fattahi says:

    lol they didn’t answer u as the rest xD hahaa

  2. maranatha5800 says:

    haha its better than stalking… oh shit -.-

    No no love them 😀


  3. im about to make an inappropriate comment than i realise this is a kid channel

  4. Adaiah M says:

    These are all such stupid pranks!

  5. UrbanizeThis says:

    The girl is so cute trying not to smile during the prank! She reminds me of a mix between Annasophia Robb and Abigail Breslin! (when they were younger of course)

  6. ابو كلبي

  7. Just Kidding Pranks says:

    Thanks alot!!! Happy you enjoy JK 🙂

  8. ColaSlushie says:

    All these pranks are kinda stupid :/

  9. daysrame says:

    sooo then don’t watch them -.\

  10. HeyoChris says:

    This would’ve been much better if that little girl didn’t laugh. It gave away that it was a joke and done on purpose….

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