In this prank I call up a business that offers detox drinks / supplements (and even “synthetic urine”) that will supposedly make you pass a drug test, guaran…

10 Responses to “How To Pass a Drug Test Prank”

  1. kwtsr21 says:

    why you never use you british accent again?

  2. qwerz222 says:

    LMFAO donate half of your dick

  3. ashlands1423 says:

    I like how we’re watching a video about how to pass a drug test and you just start going off about whites hating black people. Watch cops dude. White people don’t get away with everything. Whenever there is a burglary it is almost always a black person and not only do they run but they deny everything and say they were scared. And by the way we may be close to Neanderthals but blacks sure do look a hell of a lot like monkeys. Neanderthals at least look human. <-- True Story

  4. ivan hernandez says:

    Or Do Drugs

  5. Angel C says:

    that escalated quickly lmao

  6. Adham Ralev says:

    Lmao good one my man! But more buk lau please!!!

  7. dianareyez408 says:

    Moorrr BUK LAUUUU!!!!!!! Likkkaaa summm BOOOTYYYYYYYY PLEEAZ LOL

  8. DjNotNicesNucka says:

    I hate it when people say you instead of your. The word is your. English. If your going to speak it, speak it correctly. Not “if you gonna talk it, then you speak you english good”

  9. Hilde Venegas says:

    450!!! Pounds I hope I never get to the number:)

  10. bootayyshakin says:

    If you’re*

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