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10 Responses to “Public Prank – Surprise Birthday Party”

  1. rsgertjaars says:

    Damn that was a nice prank, really nice of you

  2. Kasueji1216 says:

    You need more views 🙂

  3. James ,Sasha says:

    That was really nice of you he was obviously happy! 🙂

  4. ZeranZeran says:

    This is just awkward as fuck

    adding dramatic music doesn’t help

  5. Ehab Shalaby says:

    u should do this to a homeless people , it would be really nice

  6. SPACEBRO1234 says:

    Thats awesome

  7. Rejected Rejectz says:

    Do this to a homeless

  8. javier600000 says:

    Chevys is packed that place must be good. I need to go there

  9. TheMosQto says:

    Okay. Now, prank him to pay for the whole restaurant bills.

  10. FrostBite316 says:

    Damn that was awesome! You guys are the best 😀

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