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11 Responses to “Public Prank – Picture Prank”

  1. Church12349 says:


  2. dettecab97 says:

    i’ll take a picture with you 😀

  3. QtayBlue10 says:

    Girls get easily freaked out lol that’s why that don’t wanna do it

  4. Nazar Vasilyev says:

    Wiz me? Lol

  5. Kie Krenzelak says:

    you should totally do a video where you say “hey i lost my penis do you know where it is?” Then point at the other girl/guy’s crotch and YELL “YOU TOTALLY STOLE MY PENIS”

  6. crugipacheco says:


  7. MultiMultikriminell says:

    97 people turned the monitor around to like a second time 😀

  8. Derpingames says:

    Just did it lol

  9. Ali Shabu says:

    BronarR@Hotmail.Com send it …

  10. FireFlameFury says:

    Lol why ???

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