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10 Responses to “TOILET BRUSH PRANK”

  1. oSoniCzHD says:

    0:41 aww

  2. XxVikingGamesxX says:


  3. TheFujimoto420 says:

    that’s disgusting jeanna. do you not realize how much bacteria is on that? what a bitch

  4. shantiara12 says:

    xD!!!! Nice

  5. Zendaya Fan says:

    Couldnt stop laughing

  6. Glenn Verdult says:

    Very funny but then she has to kiss him!! nasty!

  7. qiystina farahiyyah says:

    Is smell not good for you

  8. walterpakiaolol says:

    Dz was funny but why is he complaining he probably leaks her ass!!! Yum lol 1 girl 1 jesse lmao

  9. exocetaaron says:

    Her laugh is so annoying

  10. Joey Cort says:

    this show is so half ass

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